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Project in Korea

  • Support for poor families
  • Feeding Service
  • Greeny child researchers
  • Children's roundtable discussions
  • children/youth press corps
  • Crisis intervention and operating Group homes
  • Prevention of child violence
  • Prevention of child disapperance and abduction
  • Missing persons family support
  • Foster care
  • Parent education
  • Childcare support
  • Rehabilitation
  • Art and culture projects
  • Talent fostering
  • Psychotherapy
  • Toy libraries
  • Libraries
  • Social education
  • Character improvement education

Sometimes people say that

“the necessities of life - food, clothing and shelter are enough to survive.”
But it’s not always true for children.
Children need attention, love, and respect on top of other needs.
ChildFund Korea addresses the four categories of child rights (survival, protection, development, and
participation) set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, so that children in Korea can grow up in
a healthy and safe environment. We want to keep their dreams alive.

Domestic projects based on the Four Categories of Child Rights


To protect children’s right to be educated, we provide basic education opportunities, necessary support for education such as textbook, teaching materials, educational expenses and school uniforms.


To ensure every child grows up and lives in proper environment, we support those children living in poorer households.

Living Expenses

For those who live under the basic living, we provide the needy items like diapers, baby formula, and groceries for children.

Medical Support

Children in need for medical treatment and hospital care, we support accordingly for surgery, prescription, medicine, and treatment expenses.


We provide day-care service and support for migrants and immigrants families and children to ensure their rights to be included in social service and basic/standard living in Korean society.

Green Umbrella Shelters

We run children shelter to protect those who’s been exposed to violence and abuse and provide them basic living as well as psychological counselling, medical help, physical treatment and therapies.

Coalition with Law Enforcement

To stop and end violence and crime against children, we work closely with the law enforcement and partner institutions.

Educations for Adults and Social Awareness building

ChildFund Korea drives changes in society to prevent and stop violence against children through education and campaigns toward adults.

Foster care Support

ChildFund Korea operates support center for foster families through regular counselling, social welfare education, parental education and other services to keep children safe at home and families.

Parental Education

We work together with foster parents to provide safe, inclusive environment for children. Foster parents should be over 25 years old in age and must complete the education course and qualified by the regulation and guidelines.

Support for Adolescents

When they reach the age of 18, they should leave the institution, foster home, or group home and get ready for being independent as adults. We continue to support those young adolescents to be well prepared before and after they leave protected environment. We provide career counselling, business schooling subsidy, other professional job training opportunities and information.

Local Social Welfare Center

ChildFund Korea operates social welfare centers and expand access to social services & support not only for the children but also for the elders and other community groups in needs that will protect all children.

Nursery and Special schools

We have 3 special schools for babies and children with special needs. Physical therapy, treatment, daily care and special education provided for children with disability or disorder according to each child’s growth and development condition and stages.

Educational Support and Talent Nurturing
Program Categories
  • Musical Talents
  • Arts,Drawing
  • Dance, choreography
  • Sports, Athletes
  • School, Study Contests
  • Other Creativity, creator
  • to Find Potentials

    General Education subsidy and expense support for early childhood applicants with potentials.

  • to Develop skills and talents

    Teaching lessons and coaching expenses supports are given to those children with Regional competition, award winning records.

  • to Strive for Dreams

    Expanded support and subsidy for children and adolescent with national award records, achievements and relevant potential.

  • Greeny Child Researchers

    Children, who are child rights holders, research the issues they raise. They share the results with society, helping to create a happy environment for children.

    Children’s roundtable discussions

    We hold roundtable discussions with children to have them contribute to creating an environment where child rights are respected.

    Children/youth press corps

    We communicate with local communities from the point of children and youth. We write stories covering diverse issues.