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When was child welfare first initiated in Korea ChildFund Korea has been a living history of child welfare of Korea. In the beginning, ChildFund Korea was an infant organization relying on support from CCF. After several decades, it has grown into the oldest yet largest child welfare organization in Korea.

  • 2020
    12Provide support and subsidy(8.7 million $) for severely affected families and children by Covid 19
    07Solidarity activities to remove Article 915 of the Civil Code from the Article 915 of the Punishment Rights
    05Multi-party MOU to guarantee children's housing rights (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, LH Corporation, etc.)
  • 2019
    Half a million regular sponsors12
    2019 Grand Prize in the ‘Children's Environment improvement Making Korea Happy Award’ by the Chosunilbo09
    2019 No. 1 brand power NGO in Korea03
  • 2018
    10The 70th anniversary
    018 Advocacy Centers were opened
  • 2017
    Joined the UN DPI (Department of Public Information)06
  • 2016
    Won the Grand Award from the 8th Sam-il Transparent
    Management Awards (non-profit segment)
    Started the ‘Nationwide program contest’ to promote
    cooperation between social welfare organizations
  • 2012
    02Expanded overseas programs in South Sudan
  • 2011
    12Implemented the ‘Nayoung’s Request’ campaign, to abolish
    the statute of limitation on sexual crime against children
    01Research Center of Child Welfare was opened
  • 2002
    ChildFund Alliance was founded and ChildFund Korea
    became a member thereof
  • 2001
    Became a member of Korea NGO Council
    for cooperation with North Korea and started the
    North Korean support programs
  • 1997
    Co-hosted the ‘Request of Love’ on KBS10
  • 1995
    01ChildFund Korea started its overseas support programs
    in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc
  • 1990
    03Foster care service demonstration project was implemented
  • 1989
    03Korea Child Abuse Prevention Association was established
  • 1986
    Support from the CCF was ended. ChildFund Korea started
    to operate independently as a Korean NGO
    The ‘Find the Missing Children Center’ was opened05
  • 1976
    Started the Sponsorship Program12
  • 1963
    02Appenzeller Children Center At-home Relief Project was
    implemented (which became the Social Welfare Center)
  • 1951
    02Renamed to ‘Christian Children’s Fund’
  • 1948
    10China Children’s Fund started to provide support to Korea